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Lost and confused? Can't find what you are looking for? Here is a full index of website content:

A > A to Z page - this is it!
  > About WyrdStar (what about it?).
  > Ain't Dead Yet, the new album by Ditch the Demon (Steph wrote songs for this, plays bass and even sings a bit!), out now on WyrdStar's own Prozakville Records label. It's very good...
  > Aliens, Battleships and Colonization (ebook bundle) - a collection of science-fiction stories (including Hollow Moon) by various authors, by Bundle Rabbit (now PubShare), but no longer available. Sorry!
  > Anthologies:
  > "Antimatter Me" (short story in Wyrd Worlds).
  > Aphroditus: A Musical - Here to preach a queer revelation!
  > Atomic Twitten (shambolic folk/pop comedy band).
  > "A Wizard, A Sword And A King" (short story).
B > Blake's 7 - Episode guide for the cult BBC television science-fiction classic from the creator of the Daleks. Teleport now!
  > Books from WyrdStar.
  > Bookshops - are great! If you wish to order WyrdStar paperbacks from your local purveyor of literature, see here.
  > Brave New Girls: Stories Of Girls Who Science And Scheme (science-fiction short stories).
  > Brexit: A Haiku Diary by Lallafa Jeltz (poetry and political commentary).
  > Bundles - Hollow Moon is (or was) in the following lovely ebook bundles:And The Battles Of Hastings is in this one:
C > Cake - donations welcome.
  > Chocolate - donations welcome.
  > Christmas - A time for chocolate and cake and maybe even Three Tales For Christmas. And Baby Jesus, of course.
  > City Of Deceit (novel) - Hollow Moon #3. Adventures in a dystopian 23rd-century London.
  > Coming Soon from WyrdStar books, a summary of works in progress and the excuses Steph comes up with for having not yet finished them.
  > Contact details, web form and various links. Best to not try contacting WyrdStar through any other channel (e.g. Facebook) as Steph doesn't check them regularly enough!
  > Cookie policy - Soft and crumbly with white chocolate chips preferred. See Cake, Chocolate.
D > Dandridge Cole - see List of places (The Worlds Of Hollow Moon), WyrdStar News Archive.
  > Danse Macabre (band) archives.
  > Democracy: An Epitaph by Lallafa Jeltz (poetry).
  > Ditch the Demon (band).
E > Earth - Mostly harmless. After being rudely awoken from its last ice age by selfish cosmic forces, this unfortunate planet became infected with the terrible contagious disease homo-sapiens. The prognosis is not good.
  > "Exponential Existentialism" (short story, almost).
F > "Festival Of The Star" (short story).
G > "GENIE And The LAMP" (short story).
H > Hastings - Where Steph lives on the south coast of England, described by locals as a "drinking town with a fishing problem", a place obsessed with pirates and bonfires. The closest Steph got to writing about it is the novella The Battles Of Hastings.
  > History Reimagined: A Historical Fiction Bundle (anthology of alternate history stories).
  > Hollow Moon (novel) - Hollow Moon #1. Electric cats, evil priests and school band competitions.
  > Hollow Worlds (novel) - Hollow Moon #5. Unpublished final instalment of the series, still editing this one but Chapter One is online to read...
  > Hollow Moon, The Worlds Of:
  > Home page.
I > "In The Lap Of The Gods" (short story).
  > "It’s A Blunderful Life" (short story).
J > Jeltz, Lallafa - author of political poetry books Brexit: A Haiku Diary and Democracy: An Epitaph.
K > Killer Squirrels: The Opera - A half-completed musical theatre project which seemed a good idea at the time.
L > Libraries - are cool. Make them more so by stocking WyrdStar ebooks! Here you'll find information for public book lending services.
M > Merry Christmas, Mister Wolf (short stories) - Anthology of main sequence tales from the 'Hollow Moon' series.
  > "Merry Christmas, Mister Wolf" (short story).
  > Miscellany of various random pages that don't fit anywhere else, plus links to favourite websites.
  > Movies - The Paw-Prints Of The Gods page has some random ramblings on the films which influenced the writing of this book. The Avalon Job also spoofs a movie or two...
  > Music pages; or the index, anyway.
N > News page.
  > News Archive page (i.e. news that isn't, err... 'new' anymore).
  > News RSS feed RSS.
P > Paw-Prints Of The Gods (novel) - Hollow Moon #2. There's a big spider on the cover.
  > Piracy of the ebook variety is not cool. Get free ebooks in exchange for an online review instead.
  > Platypus - Ornithorhynchus anatinus. Or a spaceship in Hollow Moon.
  > Press Resources.
  > Prozakville Records shop.
  > "Psyche's Seven" (short story).
Q > Quiltbag Cabaret - LGBTQ+ performance night in Hastings, on hiatus.
R > Reviewers - Want free ebooks? This is the place.
  > "Rock Of Ages" (short story).
  > RSS news feed RSS (did we already do this one?).
S > "Santa Claustrophobia" (short story).
  > Sci-Fi July Fever Fun (ebook bundle) - a collection of science-fiction stories (including Hollow Moon) by various authors, by Bundle Rabbit (now PubShare), but no longer available. Sorry!
  > Shop - WyrdStar releases are sold via third-party retailers; see links on the Books and Prozakville Records pages.
  > Skylon is science-fiction made real - Reaction Engine's spaceplane proposal.
  > "Snakes On A Spaceship" (short story).
  > Space - is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is. But go and read The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy anyway.
  > Space Opera Mashup (science-fiction short stories).
  > "Stealing Christmas" (short story).
T > Tea - Best drink of the day. Best taken with cake (see Cookie policy).
  > The Avalon Job (novel) - Hollow Moon #4. A rescue mission, robotic monsters, alien spiders and a fake Arthurian world.
  > The Battles Of Hastings (novella) - a rogue time traveller is on the loose in England 1066.
  > "The Clockwork Cat" (short story).
  > The Golden Age Of Ballooning, an album by Danse Macabre (Steph wrote songs and plays bass on it), from Prozakville Records.
  > "The Ivory Tower" (short story).
  > The Luck Of The Devil (novel) - Supernatural transgender angst, a Volkswagen campervan and heavy metal music in 1990s Ireland.
  > "The Narcissus Solution" (short story).
  > "The Non-Existence Of Gravity" (short story in Brave New Girls Vol.2).
  > "The Watcher And The Priest" (short story).
  > Three Tales For Christmas (short stories).
  > To Dance Amongst The Stars (short stories) - Anthology of prequel tales from the 'Hollow Moon' series.
  > "To Dance Amongst The Stars" (short story).
U > Unidentified Flying Objects - Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is there a link between a famous alien abduction story and the Dhusarian Church of the Hollow Moon books? Hmm...
W > Worlds Of Hollow Moon, The - See 'Hollow Moon'.
  > Wyrd Worlds (science-fiction and fantasy short stories).
  > Wyrd Worlds II (more science-fiction and fantasy short stories).
  > Wyrd Worlds: Battlefield 1066 - Four tales for the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings: The Battles Of Hastings by Stephanie M Bennion; They Marvel at the Star by L.J. Hick; Norman Blood by Barbara G. Tarn; and Eadweard - A Story of 1066 by Victoria Zigler.
Z > Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - It will change your life. And your spark plugs.


Elsewhere on the WyrdStar website:

Blake's 7 BLAKE'S 7 - I am a big fan of Blake's 7, the BBC TV science-fiction show from the late seventies / early eighties. Budgets were low, special effects were primitive and the sets were often almost laughable. So what made the show so memorable for me? The writing was excellent, the characters were well-defined and the cast were superb. Read more on my Blake's 7 page!
WyrdStar ABOUT WYRDSTAR - A brief summary of WyrdStar Books, the self-publishing venture of Steph Bennion, yours truly. I write primarily 'New Space Opera' for young adults and adults young-at-heart...

Some favourite science / science-fiction websites:

io9 IO9 - One of my favourite websites is io9, a daily online publication that covers science, science-fiction and fantasy (films, television and books) and the future. Lots to read about current pop culture of the sci-fi/fantasy kind...
The Mary Sue THE MARY SUE - An entertaining news website highlighting women in the geek world. To quote The Mary Sue's mission statement: "We want simple things, like to be able to visit a comic book store without feeling out of place. To be able to buy a video game without getting the sense that the cashier thinks we're buying it for someone else." You get the drift...

Websites for readers and writers:

Moldiwarts Moldiwarts Pantomine Scripts is the website of my brother Chris Bennion, who is a dab hand at creating entertaining scripts for pantomime. He describes them as: "...silly, funny, witty and full of bad jokes, one liners and an almost coherent plot..."; in other words, exactly what pantomime should be!
Awesome Indies Awesome Indies showcases the best of independent fiction. Books listed on this website have been evaluated against specific criteria for quality fiction and deemed to be of the same quality of craftmanship as books published by mainstream publishing houses. Given all that, I'm pleased that Hollow Moon and Paw-Prints of the Gods made the grade!
Alien Star Books Alien Star Books is a website dedicated to listing science-fiction and fantasy books for teenagers and young adults 'of colour'. In other words, if you're tired of seeing the white guy be the hero, here's some alternatives.
Ebookaroo Australian indie sci-fi author Patty Jansen runs Ebookaroo, a regular newsletter of author-run book promotions from many different indie speculative fiction writers: new releases, special offers and giveaways.
Cover Art The lovely book-cover artwork for Hollow Moon, Paw-Prints of the Gods and City Of Deceit was done by Victor Habbick of Victor Habbick Visions, an artist with a particular interest in science and technology.
TV Tropes TV Tropes is a marvellously-entertaining website that is a: "catalogue of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction." Tropes are devices and conventions that writers can reasonably rely on as being present in a reader's mind and expectation. I have spent hours browsing the pages on space opera and science-fiction...