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A to Z

Lost and confused? Can't find what you are looking for? Here is a full index of website content:

A > A to Z page - this is it!
  > About WyrdStar (what about it?).
  > Aliens, Battleships and Colonization Books (ebook bundle) - a collection of science-fiction stories (including Hollow Moon) by various authors, by Bundle Rabbit.
  > Anthologies: Books
- Brave New Girls: Stories Of Girls Who Science And Scheme (science-fiction short stories).
- Three Tales For Christmas (short stories).
- Wyrd Worlds (science-fiction and fantasy short stories).
- Wyrd Worlds II (more science-fiction and fantasy short stories).
  > Antimatter Me (short story in Wyrd Worlds Books).
  > A Wizard, A Sword And A King (short story).
B > Blake's 7 - Episode guide for the cult BBC television science-fiction classic from the creator of the Daleks. Teleport now!
  > Books Books from WyrdStar.
  > Bookshops are great! If you wish to order WyrdStar paperbacks from your local purveyor of literature, see here.
  > Brave New Girls: Stories Of Girls Who Science And Scheme Books (science-fiction short stories).
  > Bundles - Hollow Moon is in two ebook bundles: Books
- Aliens, Battleships and Colonization
- Sci-Fi July Fever Fun
C > Cake - donations welcome.
  > Chocolate - donations welcome.
  > Christmas - A time for chocolate and cake and maybe even some Tales For Christmas Books. And Baby Jesus, of course.
  > City Of Deceit Books (novel) - Hollow Moon #3. Adventures in a dystopian 23rd-century London.
  > Coming Soon Books from WyrdStar books.
  > Contact details and web links.
  > Cookie policy - Soft and crumbly with white chocolate chips preferred. See Cake, Chocolate.
D > Dandridge Cole - see List of places (The Worlds Of Hollow Moon), WyrdStar News Archive.
  > Danse Macabre Music (band) archives.
  > Democracy: An Epitaph (poetry).
  > Donations via PayPal - see Tales For Christmas Books.
E > Earth - Mostly harmless. After being rudely awoken from its last ice age by selfish cosmic forces, this unfortunate planet became infected with the terrible contagious disease homo-sapiens. The prognosis is not good.
  > Exponential Existentialism (short story, almost).
G > GENIE And The LAMP (short story).
H > Home page.
  > Hollow Moon Books (novel) - Hollow Moon #1. Electric cats, evil priests and school band competitions.
  > Hollow Moon, The Worlds Of: Books
- Book series overview and timeline.
- List of places referenced in various stories.
I > In The Lap Of The Gods (short story in Wyrd Worlds Books).
  > It’s A Blunderful Life (short story).
J > Jeltz, Lallafa - author, Democracy: An Epitaph Books.
K > Killer Squirrels: The Opera Music musical project (honest).
L > Information for Libraries Books and public book lending services.
M > Merry Christmas, Mister Wolf (short story).
  > Miscellany page, which leads to various random pages that don't fit anywhere else, plus links to favourite websites.
  > Music Music pages; or the index, anyway.
N > News page.
  > News Archive page (i.e. news that isn't 'new' anymore).
  > News RSS feed RSS.
O > Offers such as giveaways, limited-time discounts, etc.
P > Paw-Prints Of The Gods Books (novel) - Hollow Moon #2. There's a big spider on the cover.
  > Platypus - Ornithorhynchus anatinus. Or a spaceship in Hollow Moon Books.
  > Press Resources.
  > Prozakville Records shop.
  > Psyche's Seven (short story).
R > Reviewers - Want free ebooks? This is the place.
  > Rock Of Ages (short story in Wyrd Worlds II Books).
  > RSS news feed RSS (did we already do this one?).
S > Sci-Fi July Fever Fun Books (ebook bundle) - a collection of science-fiction stories (including Hollow Moon) by various authors, by Bundle Rabbit.
  > Shop listings of all titles:
- Shop - Prozakville Records.
- Shop - WyrdStar Books.
  > Skylon is science-fiction made real - Reaction Engine's spaceplane proposal.
  > Smashwords Reads 2014 - indie book reviews. Despite the title, this page also includes reviews from 2012 and 2013.
  > Space - The Final Frontier...
T > Tea - Best drink of the day. Best taken with cake.
  > The Battles Of Hastings Books (novella) - a rogue time traveller is on the loose in England 1066.
  > The Cheese Factory Music (band).
  > The Non-Existence Of Gravity (short story in Brave New Girls Vol.2 Books)
  > The Watcher And The Priest (short story).
  > Three Tales For Christmas Books (short stories).
  > To Dance Amongst The Stars (short story).
W > Worlds Of Hollow Moon, The - See 'Hollow Moon'.
  > Wyrd Worlds Books (science-fiction and fantasy short stories).
  > Wyrd Worlds II Books (more science-fiction and fantasy short stories).
  > Wyrd Worlds: Battlefield 1066 - Four stories to mark the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings: The Battles Of Hastings by Steph Bennion; They Marvel at the Star by L.J. Hick; Norman Blood by Barbara G. Tarn; and Eadweard - A Story of 1066 by Victoria Zigler.
Z > Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - It will change your life. And your spark plugs.

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