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Brexit: A Haiku Diary (poetry, political commentary)
Lallafa Jeltz



The United Kingdom’s referendum on membership of the European Union in 2016 did not bring out the best in British politics. London poet Lallafa Jeltz, staunch socialist and proud Europhile, felt the urge to do something to stop the UK taking the stupidest decision ever. So it was that she took the fight to the social-media soapbox that is Twitter through the medium of a topical haiku a day. In the midst of the madness, the rabid arguments and debates, the poet wandered lonely as a clown. More than three years later, the dust has yet to settle. Brexit: A Haiku Diary is not just a collection of poetry, but also a succinct record and timely reminder of what was making press headlines at the time. Warning: contents may cause readers to despair at British politics all over again.

Lallafa Jeltz is the pen-name of a London-based writer, whose hobbies include confusing tourists, drawing moustaches on newspaper pictures of celebrities and shouting at the screen during BBC's Question Time. Jeltz's first poetry collection, Democracy: An Epitaph, is published by WyrdStar.

Lallafa can contacted via Twitter [@lallafa_jeltz].

(To be published September 2019; approx 9,700 words. [details])

* * *

Political poet Lallafa Jeltz looks back to 2016 and her Twitter haiku campaign during the UK's referendum on EU membership...

...The referendum campaign trundled on, much like an out-of-control electric milk truck heading for the White Cliffs of Dover. The final vote undoubtedly went the way it did was because Brexiteers rarely agreed on what ‘leaving’ actually meant, leaving supporters to vote for the misty-eyed vision of Britain that only ever existed inside their own head. Few trusted what anyone with a bit of expertise said. Whether it was from major heads of business or from parliamentarians, there was always someone ready to voice an opinion either way.
-->Immigration remained a core theme. Some blamed the UK’s ills on free-movement rules, even though the UK is not part of the Schengen Agreement, the EU treaty that allows passport-free movement across much of the free trading area. Others pointed out that many job sectors relied on foreign workers.

Election campaigns

Business big heads, smug MPs

Style over substance

[24 April]

Strange fear of migrants

They do the jobs we don’t want

We should be flattered

[25 April]

Future Prime Minister Theresa May was Home Secretary at the time. After sitting on the fence for a while, she had tentatively backed remaining in the EU, but was hardly robust in her campaigning. In a speech, she argued that the UK should remain in the EU but leave the European Convention on Human Rights.

Theresa’s May pole

Dancing around the question

Kicking human rights

[26 April]

Mayor, Eurosceptics

Nationalist Party time

Turn right for Brexit

[27 April]

David Cameron’s attempts to stop right-wingers taking control of the debate got a welcome boost when the ‘remain’ campaign was backed by the trade unions, though not before the government watered down key policies in the Trade Union bill going through parliament at that time. That’s how politics works, folks...

...And much more, in Lallafa Jeltz's timely recap of the political madness that was the birth of Brexit!

CHAPTER TITLES: Foreword / A Referendum Is Announced / Belief Is Bad Policy / The Campaign Commences / No Impartial Truths / The Final Countdown / Aftermath.

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