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DEMOCRACY: AN EPITAPH (poetry, political commentary) by Lallafa Jeltz


"Democracy; oh! It seems she's dying...
Her guardians weave the final black shroud."

A short collection of political verse by up-and-coming London poet Lallafa Jeltz:

(First published 11 April 2015; approx 1,500 words.)

Cover artwork by WyrdStar.


Lallafa Jeltz is the pen-name of a London-based writer, whose hobbies include confusing tourists, drawing moustaches on newspaper pictures of celebrities and shouting at the screen during BBC's Question Time. Democracy: An Epitaph is Lallafa's first poetry collection. Her book, Brexit: A Haiku Diary, is also available from WyrdStar.

Lallafa can contacted via Twitter [@lallafa_jeltz].

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None Of The Above

A cascade of names,
list of candidates,
Your hand hesitates,
you can’t place your cross,
You’ve heard their pledges,
promises, slogans,
Which one inspired you?
None of the above.

They tried their best
to prove they are worthy,
Attacked their rivals,
debates on TV,
The world they live in
is cold and distant,
Who might you vote for?
None of the above.

voting slip


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EBOOK: ISBN: 978-1310872419 (Smashwords); ASIN: B00VYP5C2Q (Kindle).


APRIL 2015 - First ebook edition.

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