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Democracy: An Epitaph (poetry)
Lallafa Jeltz

ebook voting slip"Democracy; oh! It seems she's dying...
Her guardians weave the final black shroud."

A short collection of political verse by up-and-coming London poet Lallafa Jeltz:

> "None Of The Above"
> "Ode To Magna Carta"
> "Civil Disobedience"
> "The Road To Number Ten"
> "Blameless Tiers"
> "Democracy: An Epitaph"

(First published 11 April 2015; approx 1,500 words. [details])

The WYRDSTAR edition (pdf pdf) is available free of charge.


Lallafa Jeltz is the pen-name of a London-based writer, whose hobbies include confusing tourists, drawing moustaches on newspaper pictures of celebrities and shouting at the screen during BBC's Question Time. Democracy: An Epitaph is Lallafa's first poetry collection. Her latest book, Brexit: A Haiku Diary, is out now.

Lallafa can contacted via Twitter [@lallafa_jeltz].

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ISBN: 978-1310872419 (Smashwords); ASIN: B00VYP5C2Q (Kindle).
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ebook April 2015 - First ebook edition.

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