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APHRODITUS: A MUSICAL is a genderqueer one-act rock opera by Steph Bennion, which looks at gender identity in modern society compared to older traditions. Songs and a script have been developed for a show around 50-60 minutes running time, written with fringe performances in mind. The Aphroditus: A Musical page gives an overview and links to songs for anyone interested in helping to stage the show. Steph.

Atomic Twitten

ATOMIC TWITTEN is our small but perfectly-formed acoustic band - with Taylor singing and playing guitar, myself on double bass - playing classic party pop, soul and rock tunes in an upbeat folky style, with a few original songs thrown into the mix. We haven't yet got back into gigging, but the Atomic Twitten page has a few videos (and a bit about Killer Squirrels)... Steph.

Ditch the Demon DITCH THE DEMON (band)

I play bass guitar in this Hastings-based band, a psych-rock outfit playing original songs and fairly obscure covers. We've just started gigging again - see the Ditch the Demon page on Facebook - and in 2020 we were in the studio recording a couple of tracks, which can be heard (and bought!) from the Ditch the Demon page on Bandcamp. We've had some radio play and more gigs are hopefully on their way.

Danse Macabre DANSE MACABRE (band)

DANSE MACABRE was an earlier foray into live music, this time playing almost exclusively original songs (a few of which still get played by Atomic Twitten). The band took its own brand of folk-rock, halloween-pop cabaret around London and beyond, including sets at the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Worcester Music Festival. The Danse Macabre Archives page has a brief history, some photographs and more...


Prozakville Records is very much a home-based cottage industry to distribute DANSE MACABRE recordings, using a MacBook, a pile of printable CD-ROMs and a lot of trial and error! Titles available from the Prozakville Records Shop include DANSE MACABRE's The Golden Age Of Ballooning (EP) and Worcestershire Sauce (CD single).

Quiltbag QUILTBAG 2019 (Hastings Pride)

This page has some information on QUILTBAG, the arts and cabaret event I helped arrange at the Arts Tent at Hastings Pride 2019. We hoped to run this again in 2020, but the coronavirus outbreak foiled plans for this year's Hastings Pride and any hope of bringing Quiltbag to other local venues. I'm still keen to do something to encourage LGBT arts so hopefully something will happen again soon.

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