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Atomic Twitten

ATOMIC TWITTEN is our latest musical endeavour in Hastings, featuring Taylor on vocals and guitar, myself Steph on double bass. The biggest change from when we performed (as THE CHEESE FACTORY) in London is that the electric guitars have gone as we aim for a more folky cabaret style. We play party pop and parodies, original comedy songs and a few of our old DANSE MACABRE tunes thrown into the mix.

More information is available on ATOMIC TWITTEN's  Facebook page. You can also contact us here...

Atomic Twitten Atomic Twitten


Video for the song "Sheep and Cows", September 2021.

Live at Twelve Hundred Postcards bar in Hastings, October 2019.

Live at On The Rocks bar in Hastings, October 2019.

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Killer SquirrelKILLER SQUIRRELS: THE OPERA by Steph Bennion and Sarah Taylor

Well... this may never see the light of day, but we live in hope! Killer Squirrels: The Opera is a horror comedy musical inspired by the Danse Macabre song Killer Squirrels, set in Baird's television studio in Crystal Palace Park, London, November 1936. Strange creatures roam in the night, the mutant creations of the megalomaniac Doctor Drey who plans to use an army of killer squirrels to hold the world to ransom. However, she is not the only one with devious deeds afoot: a musichall star is stealing Baird's secrets for the BBC, an agent from the RSPCA is also on Drey's case and even Drey's own henchwoman Zelda is out for revenge...

When we started writing this, we lived in South London not far from the site of the old Crystal Palace and Baird's studios. We now live in Hastings, where Baird invented television (at his Queens Parade workshop) and curiously enough his old house is just around the corner from ours... Steph.

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