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Contacting WyrdStar

WELCOME TO WYRDSTAR. An email contact form and other ways to get in touch are below. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the WyrdStar News RSSRSS feed or sign up to the WyrdStar mailing list by saying a quick hello via the email. If you've found the plaque on Pioneer 10 or 11 (right), please be reassured that humans are mostly okay. (If you've found the disc on Voyager 1 or 2, record players are back in vogue, okay?)

For media enquiries, please see Press Resources.

WyrdStar has moved from the London address shown in early paperback editions of Hollow Moon and Paw-Prints Of The Gods. Please do not write to that address!

Thanks for visiting... Steph Bennion.

Pioneer 10/11 plaque

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Social media and other links

Mail Email WyrdStar if you wish to get in touch. If you're trying to sell something, you'll probably wait in vain for a reply. Unless you want to buy a few books first (hint). The books are well-worth buying...
Goodreads logo The WyrdStar website has no fancy blog for readers to leave comments, but there is always the literary-minded social network site Goodreads. Steph is living proof that having a social network page is not the same as having a social life, but reading books is good.
Facebook The Worlds of Hollow Moon on the internet-based behemoth that is Facebook. This gets updated even less regularly than the WyrdStar website, so prepare to be underwhelmed...
Twitter Steph Bennion and WyrdStar on Twitter @WyrdStar. It took years for Steph to join the Twitter crowd (as pointed out in Steph's first-ever tweet, it undoubtedly means Twitter is not cool anymore) - tweets are few, but it's another way to get in touch.

Music-related internet resources

Steph with her long-time friend and talented musical collaborator Taylor have recently put together a new band called ATOMIC TWITTEN, performing acoustic pop/folk covers. Their previous band is sadly no more but the brief story of the bizarre pop-goth, gypsy-folk rock band that Steph and friends put together a few years ago can be found on the Danse Macabre Archives page. A few songs were recorded and are actually still available (see the Shop page).

Facebook ATOMIC TWITTEN has a page here at WyrdStar. There's lots of other stuff on Facebook.
Facebook The DANSE MACABRE Archives are here at WyrdStar, but the band also has a page on Facebook, which wasn't created by me and is therefore quite comprehensive. When it was being kept up-to-date, that is. Which it isn't.
Reverbnation logo Danse Macabre's page on the ReverbNation music network site. The page hasn't been updated for a long, long time, but I think you can still listen to some of our songs here. We used to have a MySpace site too but that's long gone!
cd baby logo The wonderful people at indie music distributor CD Baby no longer sell the Danse Macabre's EP The Golden Age of Ballooning (2008) direct from their website, but you can download tracks from Apple Music or Amazon.

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