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A Historical Fiction Bundle (ebook bundle)


NEW! Dive into these captivating stories and reimagine history! Step into the enchanting world of History Reimagined, an ebook bundle that transports readers to captivating realms of the past. Historical fiction, a genre both enthralling and thought-provoking, provides us with a fascinating window into bygone eras, offering us the unique ability to intimately explore worlds at once imagined and real, familiar and foreign.

In History Reimagined, this genre takes on a new dimension, offering fresh perspectives on the past. It goes beyond mere education, encouraging readers to not only engage with, but to reimagine the past. These diverse voices and captivating narratives will transport you to some of history’s pivotal moments, painting vivid backdrops and breathing life into unforgettable characters.

Ebooks in this bundle:

Immerse yourself in the worlds of Napoleon, Jefferson, Jesus, Queen Mary, and many other towering historical figures, discovering hidden narratives, unraveling mysteries, and becoming inspired by the remarkable ability of historical fiction to shed new light on both past and present.

(First published 5 October 2023 by PubShare, Kydala Publishing Inc.)

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