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THREE TALES FOR CHRISTMAS (short stories) by Steph Bennion


It is the twenty-third century and scientists, dreamers, crooks and believers have bridged the vast cosmos, staking their claims where distant suns burn fierce in the sky. Yet for all of humankind’s technological marvels, life for many is far from a wondrous fairytale.

Can a poor, down-trodden kitchen slave find her prince in the shape of a young, dashing space captain? When the power fails when parents are out for the night, is it wise to be wandering the forest with vicious robot wolves on the loose? A man caught up in a war wonders if he can go on, so why does a hologram taunt him by showing the greatest blunders of his life? It is supposed to be the season of goodwill!

The new edition of this anthology contains refreshed versions of three seasonal space-opera stories from the Worlds of Hollow Moon and more:

HOLLOW MOON CHRISTMAS SHORT STORIES have been published every December since 2011. These are generally science-fiction re-tellings of traditional fairy tales popular in the British tradition of pantomime, while fitting into the overall story arc of the novels.

(First published 1 December 2012; approx. 39,000 words.)

Cover artwork by WyrdStar / Victor Habbick.

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Short stories in this volume...

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Hanuman finds Ganesa is no 'Cinderella'. Epsilon Eridani: 15 years before HOLLOW MOON.

It is the twenty-third century and humanity has settled where distant suns blaze in the sky; yet for all the wonders of science, life for many is far from a wondrous fairy tale. Can the poor, down-trodden kitchen slave Ganesa find a Prince Charming in the shape of young, dashing space captain Hanuman? As they meet for the first time on the dance floor at the American Embassy's Christmas Ball, she is the first to admit he's not exactly her type in this tongue-in-cheek pastiche of Cinderella.

(First published 11 December 2011; approx. 8,000 words.)

Read "To Dance Amongst The Stars" now! (Free ebook, single story only).



Robot wolves were no match for this 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Barnard's Star: Two months after HOLLOW MOON.

Christmas at the exclusive ski resort of Kirchel, high in the New Malverns on the planet of Ascension, was a tedious affair. The concrete log cabins, artificial snow and holographic trees were all as fake as the robot security wolves that patrolled the dome at night. But the wolves were rejects from the brutal Gods of Avalon game show. When the power fails, with their parents out for the night, Hestia and her friends would soon wish they had never ventured into the forest in search of park ranger Granny.

(First published 1 December 2012; approx. 8,000 words.)

Read "Merry Christmas, Mister Wolf" now! (Free ebook, single story only).



Fenris is unconvinced that 'It's A Wonderful Life'. Epsilon Eridani: Nine years before HOLLOW MOON.

It is Christmas Eve and the moon of Yuanshi has fallen to revolution. Maharaja Kashyap is dead, his widow and child are fleeing into exile and his followers are on the run. Pursued by armed agents, Fenris contemplates his fate as he prepares to end it all with a midnight leap from a bridge. Then what he thinks is a Samaritans hologram arrives to persuade him that life is worth living and that the Maharani needs his help, but why does the mysterious stranger taunt him by showing the greatest blunders of his life?

(First published 1 December 2012; approx. 9,000 words.)

Read "It's A Blunderful Life" now! (Free ebook, single story only).


“We could go far, you and me!” he declared.
[Three Tales For Christmas, "To Dance Amongst The Stars"]

Barnard's Star Epsilon Eridani


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EBOOK: ISBN: 978-0463985076 (Smashwords); ASIN: B00AG3LLG8 (Kindle).


DECEMBER 2012 - First ebook edition (Kindle only).

MAY 2013 - Endpapers updated.

JANUARY 2014 - Endpapers updated, including A Wizard, A Sword And A King in 'Ebook Extras'.

DECEMBER 2016 - Endpapers updated; in 'Ebook Extras', extract from City Of Deceit replaces A Wizard, A Sword And A King.


NOVEMBER 2017 - Second ebook edition (Kindle only); editorial refresh, Chapter One of Hollow Moon now also included.

DECEMBER 2018 - Second ebook edition released on Smashwords.

NOVEMBER 2019 - Minor text corrections and endpapers updated.

DECEMBER 2020 - Endpapers updated.


See 'Publication History', To Dance Amongst The Stars anthology.


See 'Publication History', Merry Christmas, Mister Wolf anthology.


See 'Publication History', To Dance Amongst The Stars anthology.

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