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Sci-Fi July July Fever Fun (ebook bundle)
Various Authors

ebooks Hop on this starship, destination universe. During this epic journey you will...
> be introduced to a galaxy-spanning series by a bestselling author,
> laugh out loud at a thrilling, adventure-laden, grease-stained, booze-soaked comedy spanning the galaxy of tomorrow,
> follow a genetically engineered Assassin and a master Tracker who will take you beyond,
> read an exciting new hard SF novel that begins the adventures of a whole new type of hero,
> discover the award-winning book 1 of a SF romance series with a kick-ass heroine,
> enjoy a fast-paced and witty SF mystery of interstellar intrigue,
> meet the new universe, same as the old universe - but thirteen billion years younger,
> laugh again at a humorous SF adventure that introduces you to a hilarious new series,
> hear the signal that threatens Earth,
> follow telepathic alien humanoids throughout the Milky Way,
> experience the voyage of star cruiser Exogenesis as it pioneers humanity's journey to greatness among the stars.


Buckle up and prepare to explore planets and galaxies in the near and far future. Get wrapped in this fun fever!

(First published 4 July 2017 by Bundle Rabbit, Kydala Publishing Inc.)


* * *

Ebooks included in SCI-FI JULY FEVER FUN

1 AGAINST TIME (Seeders Universe #1) by Dean Wesley Smith
Paleontologist Callie Sheridan spent a few days deep in the Oregon Caves on a dig with three students from the University of Oregon. When they emerged, they found almost everyone in the world dead. Mathematician and galactic explorer Vardis Fisher dropped into orbit over a planet where almost all of the human life had been recently killed for no obvious reason. Suddenly, hundreds of other ships, all human, appear in orbit and start working to save the planetÕs remaining population. Together, Callie and Fisher work to discover the secrets of a galaxy that has been hidden in plain sight. And in the process, they just might change everything.
In this thrilling, adventure-laden, grease-stained, booze-soaked comedy spanning the galaxy of tomorrow, two unlikely heroes find each other as they struggle to save addiction for all human and alien kind. Join fast food junkie, Jalapeno Popover, and booze-hound Bud Wiser, as their two cultures clash in a titanic meeting of two intergalactic species so different itÕs just plain goofy. Attack of the Lushites tells the harrowing story of mail clerk, Jal Popover who, at risk of losing his fat-and-sassy job forever, must deliver the first mail received in six-hundred years. It must be bad news. The Lushites are coming!
BEYOND CONTROL (Beyond Saga prequel #1): A genetically engineered Assassin, working for the Gemini Corporation, Nadia prepares for her latest job. But Nadia finds herself questioning her orders... and her life. INTERLUDE (Beyond Saga prequel #2): Corporate magnate Reginald Breckworth hires master Tracker Devon Fisher to find his missing daughter, Chandra. But how can Devon find a mystery girl who doesn't want to be found? BEYOND REACH (Beyond Saga #1) Nadia: an Assassin. Genetically engineered. Built and trained to kill. On the run from her owners, The Gemini Corporation. Devon: the Tracker. Stranded on a space station, Nadia searches for escape before the urge to kill overwhelms her. While every moment brings Devon closer.
4 FAIRCHILD by Blaze Ward
Fairchild loves to fly. Particularly through the awesomely huge storms that the planet Escudra VI forms, creating the best whitewater that she can find in the sky. Never mind that the scientists back at base camp warn her off the beast coalescing in front of her. Or that her own equipment starts to misbehave. She can outwit this storm. Thread the needle and come out laughing on the other side. Dying happens to other people. Never her. Not Fairchild.
5 FARING SOUL: SCIENCE FICTION ROMANCE (Interspace Origins #1) by Tracy Cooper-Posey
Rumors emerge that Catherine Shahrazad has returned from the fringes and been seen in Federation space. Wherever she goes, her name and her history cause civil unrest, riots and worse. The Federation Board doesn't want her there. Neither do the leaders of Cadfael College, the educators and moralists of the galaxy. No one pays any attention to the reticent navigator called Bedivere X, who pilots her ship better than she does. The truth about Bedivere threatens the entire Federation. His feelings for Cat might just save everyone.
6 HOLLOW MOON (Hollow Moon #1) by Steph Bennion
A kidnapped prince, a school band competition and an electric cat that eats everything in sight! Join intrepid young heroine Ravana O'Brien in a fast-paced and witty science-fiction mystery of interstellar intrigue. Having fled civil war sixteen light years away, Ravana and her father now live in the sleepy commune of the hollow moon, a forgotten colony ship drifting around Barnard's Star. Yet the evil priest Taranis, the dark architect of destiny, has returned from the dead. Ravana and her friends find themselves on an incredible planet-hopping voyage into the shady dystopian world of politics, terrible music and rebellion! (See WyrdStar page for more details.)
Meet the new universe, same as the old universe - but thirteen billion years younger. Aidan Redding's new assignment? A space station in a universe so young it's barely invented hydrogen. Researchers study the cosmos' earliest days, discover whole new realms of science... and go screaming insane. The mathematicians claim this universe obeys the same natural laws as Redding's own. At the beginning of time, though, the universe writes its own rules...
8 REALITY CHALLENGED (The Other Universes #1) by Ubiquitous Bubba
A young psionic is given an impossible task: Save the Multiverse. Fortunately, there's a four ton armored poet and his mercenary friend to help out. There's also a party of trans-universal dungeon explorers, a dragon, reluctant royalty, a girl with way too many heads, a pair of coffee drinkers, a rock band, and a man who has lost his mammal status. Not all universes are alike. Some might not be so easy to leave. That's the good news.
9 THE SIGNAL by Rebecca S.W. Bates
They're coming and they are not friendly. Undecipherable messages from Alpha Centari alternate with energy bursts that annihilate scientific outposts. Clear warnings, but warnings to do what? Warnings from other beings or from ourselves in the future? Only shamans in primitive religions can decode the messages. They die for their effort. An emergency space exploration will stop the energy bursts. Or make them worse.
Aristocratic adventurer on a starship called Outlaw. Raised as imperial prince, Shan-leo doesn't miss his former status. At twenty-two, he gets to define his destiny without being forced on a path traced by his family. Following his love for calligraphy, he discovers a black market of stolen manuscripts, which starts the adventure of a lifetime. The next generation of Star Minds is out in the galaxy.
11 STICKS AND STONES: A TREK NOVEL by Robert Jeschonek
First contact with the multilingual Vox species goes horribly wrong when the crew's linguist mistakenly uses a forbidden slur. Drawn into a violent revolution, a 'war of words' to decide language dominance, the crew of the Exogenesis races against time to convince the aliens to unite against a greater threat: an unstoppable invasion fleet roaring toward planet Vox from deep space. When revolution and invasion collide, it is up to Captain Joshua Swift and the Exogenesis crew to save the world by revealing the secret behind the slur that started it all - the dark secret linking Vox and invaders in an ancient cycle of slavery, suffering, lies, and death.

* * *


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Hollow Moon

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